Images by Miriam/ Immaculate Minerals

Our Story

Since 1989, Images by Miriam® has been owned and operated by professional, world-renowned master makeup artists, aestheticians, and international industry veterans Miriam and her daughter Ingrid. Their expertise and journeys guide the philosophy of Images by Miriam®. They used their vast experience as business owners of two full-service beauty and makeup spas, as well as managers of top cosmetic lines in NYC, to quickly learn of the many impurities, harmful chemicals, and harsh preservatives that most makeup lines contain. 

 As a jack-of-all-trades in the beauty industry, Miriam worked as an esthetician, head makeup artist, and cosmetologist at the most revered spas in NYC before venturing on her own. Ingrid worked as a fashion model in NYC and internationally, doing fit modeling, bridal, runway, and print work. As a model in the '90s, she watched her model friends struggle to keep their complexion clear all due to the chemicals in their makeup that would clog their pores and irritate their skin. This issue affected many models in the fashion and entertainment industry. There was also a necessity for gluten-free, long lasting, and pure products among their clientele.

                     Ingrid, Co-founder and President of Images by Miriam and Immaculate Minerals                         

With the experience of also having worked for world-renowned cosmetic surgeons on Park Avenue in NYC, they saw the need for an effective and natural post-surgical makeup. All the makeup available had chemical ingredients that were causing allergic reactions, dehydration and worsened skin texture, clogged pores, and a heavy artificial appearance. With no other alternatives on the market, they set out on a mission to create a pure, professional-grade, anti-aging organic skin care and mineral makeup line combined with the finest innovative and clinically proven plant-based extracts that would solve these issues.

Using their extensive knowledge as cosmetologists, Ingrid and Miriam teamed up with the world's most prestigious laboratories and scientists located in England, France and the US, who create formulations using the latest unrivaled advanced technology and ingredients. Their forces combined paved the way for their personal need to offer healthy, highly effective, unparalleled, and luxurious skincare and advanced mineral makeup treatments for their clients.  Immaculate Minerals® Makeup and Immaculate Anti-Aging® Skin Care were then born.


 Their revolutionary line can be used on even the most sensitive skin and all skin disorders for everyday use.  It is also used days before surgery to prep the skin with hydrating nutrients that improve elasticity as well as a post-surgery treatment coverage. These superior ingredients are specially formulated to help calm, soothe, replenish, and promote the healing process while allowing the skin to breathe for maximum results. The coverage is amazingly undetectable, seemingly flawless, and immaculately radiant, accentuating the skin’s natural beauty.

They traveled worldwide, amazed and delighted their elite clientele (including the fashion & entertainment industry), and transformed thousands of women from all over the world by using their exceptional, healthy, and natural products. Formulated with the most groundbreaking, clinically proven active ingredients available that deeply penetrate to create miracles on your skin without using the harsh chemicals of conventional skin care and makeup. These luxurious products deliver astonishing results that were made to create a beautiful and vibrant image for a lifetime. 

Miriam is the Founder of Images by Miriam and Co-founder of Immaculate Minerals. She has spent most of her career in the beauty industry (40+ years).  Miriam owned two full-service beauty spas for 18 years while being a master makeup artist, aesthetician and cosmetologist (cosmetic chemist).  She then assisted daughter, Ingrid, with the creation of Immaculate Minerals.  She has dedicated her life to beautifying women and empowering women to feel confident about their beauty and themselves. 



Ingrid, her daughter, is the Founder and CEO of Immaculate Minerals.  She has traveled worldwide with her mother, Miriam, as a cosmetic chemist to help develop the world's finest products together with scientists in England, France and the U.S and is in charge of product design and developing the brand’s image.  She works tirelessly to offer the healthiest, most natural and practical way to empower women and men of all ages to feel and look beautiful, timeless, radiant and young.


Miriam, our Founder's granddaughter, is now Vice President of  Immaculate Minerals and works with an entrepreneurial spirit.  She has assisted in all facets of the company by contributing her spare time with a fresh perspective for the growth and development as Head of the Immaculate Minerals' In-House Creative Studio.