Our Story

Since 1989 Images by Miriam® has been owned and operated by professional world renowned makeup artists, aestheticians and international industry veterans Miriam and her daughter Ingrid.  Their experience and journeys guide the philosophy of Images by Miriam®.  They used their vast experience as business owners of two full-service beauty and makeup spas, as well as managers of top cosmetic lines in NYC, to quickly learn of the many impurities, harmful chemicals, and harsh preservatives that most makeup lines contain.

Ingrid worked as a fashion model in NYC and internationally doing fit modeling, bridal, runway, and magazine work.  As a model in the '90s, she watched her model friends struggling to keep their complexion clear all due to the chemicals in the makeup that would clog their pores and irritate their skin.  This issue affected many models in the fashion and entertainment industry.  There was also a necessity for gluten free, long lasting, and pure products among her clientele.  This inspired Ingrid to create a pure and natural botanical skin care and mineral makeup line that would solve these issues.

With the experience of also having worked for world-renowned cosmetic surgeons on Park Avenue in NYC, they saw the need for a good and natural post-surgical makeup.  All the makeup available had chemical ingredients that were causing allergic reactions, dehydrated skin, clogged pores, and were heavy and unnatural looking.  The make-up did not allow the skin to breathe or heal properly over time but actually worsened it.  With no other alternatives on the market, they set out on a mission to create a professional-grade mineral line for sensitive skin with the finest in beneficial and natural ingredients.  This revolutionary line can be used days before surgery to prep the skin with hydrating nutrients to improve elasticity for optimal results and post surgery as a treatment coverage.  These superior ingredients are specially formulated to help calm and soothe the skin while promoting the healing process.  The coverage is amazingly undetectable and seemingly flawless.  As well as using their extensive knowledge as cosmetologists, Ingrid and Miriam teamed up with the most prestigious laboratories and scientists with the latest unrivaled, advanced technology and ingredients. Their forces combined paved the way for their personal need to offer healthy, pure, highly effective, and luxurious mineral products for their clients.  

They were determined and committed to developing the highest quality of unparalleled European anti-aging botanical skin care, including the finest organic ingredients and the most advanced mineral makeup treatments.  Immaculate Minerals® and Immaculate Anti-Aging® were then born.  Their mineral makeup is very long lasting, highly pigmented, and performs as a multitasking luxurious skin care treatment.  These treatments unite the finest and highest concentrations of clinical grade ingredients.  Botanicals, Amino acids, the latest proven Peptides, and Stem Cells along with Vitamins and Antioxidants are used to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity.  These superior, unique, and all natural formulations allow the skin to breathe and treats skin such as Sensitive skin, Acne, Enlarged Pores, Rosacea, Sun Damage/Sun Spots, Melasma, Eczema, Dehydrated and Dry Skin.  Immaculate Minerals and Immaculate Anti-Aging products are used after clinical treatments to help accelerate the healing process while concealing and treating the skin.  All of the ingredients work in synergy as an advanced high-end skin care in color.  

Immaculate Minerals® foundations and powders are specially formulated to blend naturally with skin color, are undetectable, formulated with natural sun protection, and have a professional photographic finish like no other.  No chemicals, harsh preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, talc, paraben, mineral oil, fillers, artificial preservatives, or sensitizers are ever used in their products.  All of their products are 100% Cruelty-Free,  Non-Comedogenic, Allergy Tested, and Dermatologist Tested.  Immaculate Minerals® has been lovingly created to be gentle and effective yet transform your complexion, making you look fresh and younger than ever before while keeping your skin and body healthy. 

They traveled worldwide, amazed and delighted their elite clientele (including fashion & entertainment industry), and transformed thousands of women from all over the world by using their exceptional, healthy, and clinically proven natural products.  Formulated with the most groundbreaking active ingredients available to create miracles on your skin without using the harsh chemicals of conventional makeup.  These luxurious products that deliver astonishing results were made to create a beautiful and healthy vibrant image for a lifetime.  

Founders, Ingrid Lupu and Miriam of Images by Miriam of all natural makeup and skin care.