"An Extension of the Finest Skin Care in Color"

  • Immaculate Minerals® are pure, mild and very gentle.  They do not contain paraben, talc, dyes, alcohol, fragrance, oil, chemicals, preservatives or petrochemicals.  

  • All of our pressed mineral powders contain just eight ingredients, which have potent healing benefits that help correct all skin problems like rosacea, acne, melasma, psoriasis, dryness and oiliness with use of these products.

  • The minerals we use are in an inorganic state so they cannot support bacteria or microbes.  It will not spoil or oxidize and does not get absorbed into the skin, unlike conventional makeup does.

  • Made purely from the finest micronized minerals that are pulverized to 3.5 microns (they are not nano-particles) for easy application, giving them the most exceptional silky texture that floats across the skin and creates a fresh-face look.

  • We are known for our natural-looking shades that blend seamlessly into the skin with a non-powdery coverage that is undetectable, weightless and have exceptional adherence.

  • Recommended and used by Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists for after surgery, treatments and other facial procedures to conceal and help the skin with its potent, soothing, non-irritating and healing properties.

  • Our proprietary formulation delivers benefits to the skin unlike any other product, with natural healing qualities that allow the skin to breathe and promote healing without additives.

  • These minerals do not contain Bismuth Oxychloride (a very inexpensive filler that makes the skin sensitive over time and cannot be used in HD photography because it adds an unnatural looking luster and sheen to the skin.  

  • Ingredients are European Union (EU) compliant, which exceed and are higher standards than the FDA requires.

  • Provides the most natural, potent sunblock (UVA-UVB) because we use micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  The active ingredients in our product, that last all day, and will never clog pores, burn or irritate skin as like chemical sunscreens do.

  • Immaculate Minerals® is made with the finest unparalleled ingredients that contain a light reflective quality that eliminates the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and imperfections (floats over the skin).

  • Formulated using the finest Anti-aging European ingredients that are non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

  • These minerals are handcrafted in small batches and custom blended from the best naturally based formulators in the US, France, and London.

  • Immaculate Minerals® is a Gluten free line so people with gluten sensitivities or Celiac disease can use our products and not have to worry about it affecting the way they will feel.

  • Superior natural-looking, buildable coverage that is undetectable, crease resistant, and very long lasting.  Looks great in any light and is resistant to humidity, heat, and persperation.

  • Great for HD Photography because they do not have fillers or additives which add luster, pink tones and a chalky finish to the skin.  Great for bridal & photo shoots.

  • Provides the most natural alternative to traditional makeup and ensures the health of your skin and body while protecting it from environmental pollution.

  • You can work out and even sleep in it, using it as a treatment for your skin and benefitting from its great soothing and healing ingredients while letting your skin breathe.  These minerals are waterproof.

  • Our minerals work in synergy to balance the moisture content in the skin, giving the surface its own naturally radiant, healthy glow.

  • Nearly zero allergy rate and is safe for pregnant women, children, hormonal changes & immune deficiency disease.  

  • We’ve made these unique and upscale products affordable & great for your skin and the health of your body.