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Feel and look like a princess by creating the most flawless, airbrushed “High Definition” look and get the desired coverage you want with this fantastic blending sponge that will take you to the most modern, cutting-edge finish in professional makeup.  Your makeup will look gorgeous and undetectable with this easy grip sponge.  Made with Vitamin E.

Amazingly expands virtually two times larger when wet and becomes incredibly smooth and luxuriously soft, yet slightly firm for buildable coverage.  Simply the best new technique for applying all cream and liquid foundations, mineral powders, concealers, cream, blush, bronzers, and highlighters.  The revolutionary tip design allows for an accurate and smooth application of product under eyes and corners of nose, while the bottom easily reaches all facial contours. 


*High Quality- Latex-free foam
*Easy to hold Pro Grip
*Odor free
*Smoothe and Soft
*Non-toxic, nearly poreless
*Environmentally Safe
*Non-disposable & very durable
*Retains its shape!
*Will not break apart or crumble
*Remains large for up to 2 days until wet again

The unique, sleek, elegant and edgeless shape is designed with a defined grooved midsection for your fingers to remain in the grip comfortably.  No more fingers all over your sponge or on your face thus making the Magical Airbrush Blender the most hygienic blender there is.

Unlike conventional sponges our unique material is so dense it does not absorb product because it is nearly pore-less.  The large bottom is made to cover a wider area of the face for quick, and easy blending while the top oval side edge is great for highlighting or contouring.  A must-have for the most amazing, immaculate and natural look.  The Magical Airbrush Blender’s latex free foam has been formulated, tested, and marketed to satisfy the FDA’s skin, eye, oral, cytotoxicity, UV stability, and germicidal efficacy.

It’s so quick and will make your foundation look professionally done and airbrushed without having to buy or clean expensive equipment. It is packaged in an elegant handmade black velvet pouch so you can carry it with you on the go.  Also goes well with Magical Makeover HD Foundation, Fountain of Youth HD Liquid Mineral Foundation or Picture Perfect Airbrush Liquid Minerals.

Use with powders when dry and with liquid or creams when wet. Get your flawless HD airbrushed look by soaking and squeezing your Immaculate Airbrush blender under water and squeeze a few times; this will expand it and soften it, then squeeze out all excess water very well and dry thoroughly with a paper towel, so it's barely damp. Apply a little foundation or product on the back of your hand, then dip and blend on the face using stippling (bouncing) strokes. Easily washable with the Magical blender cleanser. Then dry on cleaner’s pedestal or use a gentle soap to wash. Do not twist or stretch. Simply stunning!

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Pressed mineral makeup with protective black velvet pouch.