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All in 1 - Foundation, Skin Care Treatment, Sun Protection & Bronzer

Immaculate Minerals Sunkissed Bronzer is a unique anti-aging mineral bronzer, natural sun protection, and setting powder all in one that covers, heals, corrects, and protects your skin naturally.  This gentle, non-chalky formulation with light-diffusing properties floats over the skin and magically blurs away all imperfections, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles while making your skin look fresh, younger, and amazingly radiant.  These minerals impart a subtle natural tanned glow that looks lit from within.

Look naturally sun-kissed with this fabulous mineral bronzer that will make you look like you just got a great tan from Bora Bora, without the harmful and aging effects of sun damage.  This natural bronzer is composed of the same ingredients as our Essential Purity Pressed Mineral Foundation.  These all-natural minerals form a protective barrier on the skin while allowing the skin to breathe.  Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide up to 30 SPF depending on the application.  Sericite is used to give a silky texture and slip while Zinc Stearate helps the powder to adhere nicely to the skin.  

Experience a unique all-day coverage that is weightless and wondrously silky.  The exceptional adherence, water, and crease resistance will keep your makeup looking fresh all day.  Kaolin (French clay) naturally absorbs surface oils, provides excellent coverage, and helps draw out impurities and toxins that cause clogged pores, clearing the skin of excess oil and regulating the PH balance.  Unlike other bronzers, this mineral bronzer is pressed naturally with Jojoba, which is closest to the skin’s natural sebum, and crushed Vitamin E (antioxidant) to protect the skin from environmental damage and maintain its pressed form.  The unique non-drying mineral formulation in this Sun Kissed Bronzer creates a hint of shimmer like no other for complexion perfection.  Non-comedogenic & allergy-tested. 

This exclusive all-natural formulation contains only 9 ingredients, is effective yet gentle and will improve your skin as a treatment over time.  Created for sensitive and all skin types or when the skin is at its most sensitive state (post laser surgery, dermabrasion, or skin services).  Excellent for photography and all-day wear. Goodbye to orangey bronzers hello to naturally bronzed skin!   

  • Natural SPF 30 from non-irritating titanium dioxide & zinc oxide, a pure alternative to chemical self-tanners and chemical bronzers.
  • Regulates the skin's Ph balance for healthy skin.
  • It creates a natural sun-tan look without the danger of sun damage.
  • Adds a gorgeous tan without orange, or ashy tones.
  • Pure & all-natural, chemical-free, undetectable coverage.
  • A custom-made bronzer created to match real skin tones.
  • Non-cakey, mineral coverage that floats over the skin.
  • Vanishes & treats imperfections, fine lines & redness as you wear it. 
  • It is formulated with ingredients that Improve skin over time with use.
  • Creates a flawless, natural, & poreless finish that sets makeup all day.
  • Protects the skin from environmental pollution, and is water-resistant.
  • Also great for neck and body coverage.


No Talc, Mineral Oil, Bismuth Oxychloride, Parabens, Fillers, Chemicals, Fragrances, FD & C Dyes, Phthalates, Alcohol, Preservatives or Gmo's 

Our minerals Do Not contain Bismuth Oxychloride, a cheap filler, heavy metal, and known skin irritant that makes the skin sensitive and clogs pores.  It should not be used in HD photography because it adds an artificial luster and iridescent sheen to the skin.  Most mineral powders and regular powders contain this ingredient.

*Our mineral powders are Kosher for Passover.

*Going green- This beautiful mirrored, the magnetic compact is easily refillable, just pop in a new refill pan when finished. 

It comes complete with an ingredient pan, and handmade protective velvet pouch, convenient for traveling on the go.  We recommend the Angelic Touch Diamond Brush for a perfect and even flawless application. 

Net Wt. 11 grams

Convenient and easy pop in Bronzer refills are available and also sold separately.



Micronized Titanium Dioxide -Our triple-milled Titanium Dioxide (non-nano particles) gives our mineral powder a finer, more luxurious texture that is easy to apply.  It “ floats” across the skin giving the makeup a “very light” look. 

It is one of the purest and most effective ingredients for sun protection.  It protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation and is considered to have no risk of skin sensitivity.  It allows the skin to breathe, having a direct effect on the control of acne, rosacea, or blemishes.

Micronized Zinc Oxide - (non-nano particles) Sunscreen agent derived from mineral. Prevents and protects the skin from burns and irritation. FDA-approved as a skin protectant.  Acts as an anti-inflammatory and draws impurities from the skin without removing natural oils.  It provides opacity and is also believed to aid in healing skin disorders.  Zinc oxide is also considered to have no risk of skin sensitization.  Excellent for sensitive skin.


Kaolin (French clay)Derived from the mineral kaolinite. It draws out impurities and toxins that cause clogged pores, clearing the skin of excess oil, dirt, and pollutants while balancing oil production, thus allowing makeup to stay on longer and have water and transfer-resistant features.  Hides imperfections and fine lines and offers a toned and tightened look for long-term use.   

Zinc StearateA healing, antiseptic mineral that has broad UVA and UVB sun-screening properties, and is added to allow high coverage.  It exhibits a property that calms the skin from irritation.  A nonirritating emollient and lubricant that helps powder adhere to the skin, and due to ti it's anti-creasing, anti-caking, and anti-flaking benefits it is an important ingredient in all mineral powders and eye shadows.  It complies with organic standards and non-nano particle criteria.

Magnesium Carbonate - Magnesium is an earth mineral that has the strong absorbent and disinfecting properties.  An adjuster and opacifier that hides blemishes.  Used for its soothing and skin-softening properties. 

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba)* Oil - Obtained from the seed of the jojoba plant.  It softens, hydrates, and mimics the skin’s natural sebum.  It also protects the skin against environmental damage.  It provides amino acids and reduces inflammation.  It is used as a binder.  

Tocopherol (Vitamin E, Non-GMO derived from Sunflower) - The most abundant, pure form of vitamin E. Scientific studies show it has antioxidant healing properties that also protect the skin from environmental damage caused by UV rays.  It is used as a natural preservative; this potent antioxidant has an essential role in neutralizing free radicals, moisturizing skin and improving the appearance of visible skin aging. 

May Contain:

Mica (CI 77091)Non-nanoparticles - A mineral that gives a light-diffusing luminescence that imparts slip and a silky texture,  providing the skin a smooth, and more natural look & feel.

Zea Mays- A healthier and better alternative to talc. It is a fine, white powder processed from the endosperm of corn which is a nutrient-rich tissue inside the grain. Pure cornstarch is a 100% gluten-free grain.  it absorbs oils better, gives efficient spreadability of products resulting in a non-caking, dry yet silky feel and can be lighter on skin than talc.  It is also be used as an exfoliator to remove dead skin from the surface, to reveal clean smooth skin.  It is also used as a thickening agent.  

Iron Oxides- Brown Iron Oxide, (CI 77491/CI 77492/CI 77499) ,Yellow Iron Ides CI(77492), Black Iron Oxide (CI 77499), (Red Iron Oxide CI 77491, Blue Iron Oxide (CI 77510), Russet (CI 77491), Orange Iron Oxide (CI 77491 774920- Iron combined with oxygen found in nature, is used as a colorant.  Nontoxic, natural pigments mined from the earth come in a variety of shades and is used to add color to cosmetics while giving formulas UVA and UVB protection.  


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